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Co-Occurring Disorders: An Overview for Corrections Professionals $19.95
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Co-Occurring Disorders: An Overview for Corrections Professionals

Co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders are prevalent in correctional populations in the United States. The co-occurrence of these disorders presents special challenges to treatment providers who must consider both disorders in motivating consumers for treatment, providing effective treatment, and planning appropriately for relapse prevention. Failing to address both types of disorders can lead to a number of negative outcomes for consumers and may contribute to the risk of recidivism and re-incarceration. The information provided in this course can help you avoid these negative outcomes by increasing your ability to motivate consumers with co-occurring disorders for treatment. You will also learn about the most effective methods for treating co-occurring disorders. Finally, you will learn how to engage in effective relapse prevention planning that addresses both disorders. This course, which includes interactive exercises and detailed case studies to enhance your learning, is appropriate for treatment professionals working in correctional facilities. The information presented in this course should increase your ability to address the challenge of co-occurring disorders among criminal justice consumers.
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Co-Occurring Disorders: An Overview for Corrections Professionals
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