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Behavioral Health Screening Tools $19.95
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Behavioral Health Screening Tools

Studies have shown that behavioral health factors can have a significant impact on overall health. In addition, chronic health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension have been shown to be complicated by untreated behavioral health disorders. Early detection can play an important role in improving health outcomes for your patients. One of the most effective methods of early detection is through the use of behavioral health screening tools in primary care practices. There are many behavioral health screening tools that have been shown to be very effective in early detection. They are also useful for monitoring progress on treatment goals. More and more primary care providers are opting to make screening for various behavioral health conditions a part of their routine. Most tools require minimal time and effort on the provider’s part, yet the benefits are significant in helping to avoid complications, achieving treatment goals more quickly, and reducing the overall cost of care. This course will provide an overview of the effect that behavioral health disorders have on health outcomes when undetected and unaddressed. We will review some of the most widely used behavioral health screening tools currently available for use in primary care settings. In addition, we will explore important factors for consideration when implementing behavioral health screening tools into the workflow of the practice, such as how the tools are administered, who should administer them, how to implement the tools into your practice most effectively, and how to address behavioral health symptoms in your practice in an integrated way.
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Behavioral Health Screening Tools
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